NET Seminars

Am I Qualified to Attend NET Seminars?

2018 Seminar Schedule

Schedule subject to change
  • Nov 29-30 & Dec 1, 2018 · Los Angeles, CA
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Los Angeles, CA

2019 Seminar Schedule

Schedule subject to change
  • Jan 23-27, 2019 · San Diego
    “NET with Certainty” Certification
    San Diego
  • Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2019 · Orlando, FL
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Orlando, FL
  • March 21-23, 2019 · Houston, TX
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Houston, TX
  • Apr 4-6, 2019 · Chicago, IL
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Chicago, IL
  • May 2-4, 2019 · Captiva Island, FL
    Captiva Island, FL
  • May 2019 · San Francisco, CA
    NET Basic & NEXT
    San Francisco, CA
  • Sep 2019 · Montreal, Canada
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Montreal, Canada
  • Sep 26-28, 2019 · Newark, NJ
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Newark, NJ
  • Oct 10-12, 2019 · Sedona, AZ
    Sedona, AZ
  • Oct 24-26, 2019 · Denver, CO
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Denver, CO
  • Nov 7 & 8-9, 2019 · Philadelphia, PA
    NET Advanced / MONET
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Dec 5-7, 2019 · Los Angeles, CA
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Los Angeles, CA

NET Seminar Information

NET Basic

On Day 1, you will learn the simple 2-Minute NET Procedure through demos and workshops so you are able to immediately begin helping patients with this powerful approach!  On Day 2, you’ll learn the 15 Steps of NET, plus an introduction to the NET Vital Points. The NET material is streamlined for easy implementation and backed with scientific studies!


Increase your skills and confidence with more hands-on practice to master the core steps while learning additional applications of NET!  In NEXT, we will expand on the NET Vital Points and present advanced techniques and tips that will help you effectively use NET in your practice. — NET Basic is the only pre-requisite to attend this seminar.


NET SUCCESS is about using the tool of NET to ‘Get OK’ with concepts related to money/time/energy, family/business relationships, inner personal goals, etc.  It’s a unique journey for practitioners to ‘be the patient’ and receive the benefits of NET in a safe and supportive environment. — NET Basic is the only pre-requisite to attend this seminar.

NET Advanced

Here you will gain a deeper understanding of the science behind NET, including details related to the groundbreaking 2017 published studies on NET.  You will also enhance your skills with advanced strategies and practical applications.  — NET Basic is the only pre-requisite to attend this seminar.


The Mastery Of NET (MONET) seminar includes new information and tips to help practitioners in their mastery of NET. MONET also includes the presentation of select past Eagles papers by the Walkers with lecture, demonstrations and workshops. ­– NET Basic is the only pre-requisite to attend this seminar.

NET Certification

Certification is our most empowering seminar!  Upon completion, many practitioners report they have an increased confidence in their ability to do and explain ‘NET with Certainty’. This program delivers extensive background information that strengthens your skills and practice of NET.  Trained Certified Coaches are available during the seminar to provide individualized guidance for an enhanced learning experience. — 2 NET Basics (OK to sub 1 NEXT), 1 NET Advanced (live or online), and 1 SUCCESS are the pre-requisites for Certification.

Meet the NET Teaching Staff

  • Scott Walker, D.C.
    Scott Walker, D.C.

  • Deborah Walker, D.C.
    Deborah Walker, D.C.

  • Willem Bos, D.C.
    Willem Bos, D.C.

  • Jane Brooks, D.C.
    Jane Brooks, D.C.

  • Victoria Cruz, D.C.
    Victoria Cruz, D.C.

  • Kevin Determan, D.C.
    Kevin Determan, D.C.

  • Graham Dobson, D.C.
    Graham Dobson, D.C.

  • Cathy Goldstein, A.P.
    Cathy Goldstein, A.P.

  • Alison Griffiths, D.C.
    Alison Griffiths, D.C.

  • Natalie Massé, D.C.
    Natalie Massé, D.C.

  • Daniel Monti, M.D.
    Daniel Monti, M.D.

  • Steve Osborne, D.C.
    Steve Osborne, D.C.

  • Robert Wilborn, D.C.
    Robert Wilborn, D.C.

Our Guarantee

If you're like most health care practitioners, you may have come to suspect that your patient’s problems are being impacted by stress. We believe that NET is the most effective tool for both the body-oriented and mind-oriented practitioner. Because we’re so confident that you will love NET, we guarantee to return the full seminar tuition fee at the end of the seminar if you are not 100% satisfied.