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Certified NET Practitioners are a select group of practitioners who have completed additional training courses, as well as passed written and oral examinations. You can find these highly qualified practitioners using this Certified NET Practitioner search tool.

    Non-Certified NET Practitioners

    We also have thousands of Non-Certified NET Practitioners throughout the world who have taken our trainings. If you are unable to locate a Certified NET practitioner in your area, please call our NET Referral line at 800-888-4638 (select option #4), or send us an email.

    Non-Certified Practitioners in Australia

    Pure Health Solutions
    Phone: 04-8198-9818

    Although N.E.T., Inc., does not know all the practices and/or approaches used by the practitioners we recommended, it should be noted that:

    • NET is not used to predict the future
    • NET is not used to get "yes" or "no" answers for any questions
    • NET should not be performed through any remote medium such as the telephone, internet, etc.

    Read more about What NET is NOT