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NET Seminars

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2018 Seminar Schedule

Schedule subject to change
  • Jun 22-23 & 24, 2018 · Sydney, AU ††
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Sydney, AU ††
  • Sep 13-14 & 15, 2018 · Newark, NJ
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Newark, NJ
  • Sept 27-29, 2018 · Bigfork, MT
    Bigfork, MT
  • Sep 28-29 & 30, 2018 · Paris, France †
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Paris, France †
  • Oct 5-6 & 7, 2018 · Brussels, Belgium †††
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Brussels, Belgium †††
  • Oct 18-19 & 20, 2018 · Seattle, WA
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Seattle, WA
  • Nov 1-2 & 3, 2018 · Dallas, TX
    NET Basic & NEXT
    Dallas, TX
  • Nov 29-30 & Dec 1, 2018 · L.A., CA
    NET Basic & NEXT
    L.A., CA
† Contact Annabelle at ICAK France for fees and registration,
†† Contact N.E.T. (Australia) Pty. Ltd., 07-4636-6000, for fees & registration
††† Contact Marielle at ICAK Belgium for fees and registration,

2019 Seminar Schedule

Schedule subject to change
  • Jan 23-27, 2019 · San Diego, CA
    “NET with Certainty” Certification
    San Diego, CA

NET Seminar Information

NET Basic

On Day 1 you will learn NET's 2-Minute STRESS RELIEF Procedure and the 15 Steps of NET with lectures, demos & workshops. Practitioners can immediately help their patients — it's easy to implement and very powerful!  On Day 2, you'll have more practice time with the 15 Steps of NET, plus you'll learn Dr. Walker's NET Vital Points and "How to prioritize your treatment plan."


"Healing the Healer" and perfect your NET skills while working with the best practitioners in the world! The new NET SUCCESS format consists of 3 different seminars (taken in any order) with a focus on MONEY (includes Job, Finances, Career, and currencies of Time, Space, Energy, etc.), LOVE (relationships with Family, Friends, Self, Home, Nurturing, Romance, Giving/Receiving, etc.) and YOU (with a focus on your many Roles, Personal Health, Deeper You, etc.)

At NET SUCCESS we feel that Healing-the-Healer is more than just healing the practitioner.  It's about personal growth on a bigger level and that often includes family, staff, etc.  With this vision in mind, practitioners may want to bring a guest to the NET SUCCESS experience.  It is important to know that guests are not taught how to do NET, although during the first workshop they will be privately instructed as to how to use FAST (visit  During this first workshop, the sponsoring practitioners will be free to immediately workshop with other NET practitioners while the guests are being trained.    

For all subsequent workshops, a popular option is for practitioners with guests to meet with each other and start by clearing an NEC on another practitioner’s guest.  After clearing a couple of NECs, practitioners can then work on each other while their guests sit out or work together using FAST. Ultimately it is the sponsoring practitioner’s obligation to be responsible for his/her guest, and after the first workshop guests should always go to their sponsoring practitioner with questions, etc.  Our goal is to provide a great experience for all, and this approach has been found to be very valuable for both practitioners and their guests.


This seminar is a must for every NET practitioner, and the 3-day Basic/NEXT Combo is highly recommended to reinforce the total learning process by watching more demonstrations and experiencing more practice time in the workshops. Practitioners from all professions will increase their skills and confidence while learning more applications of NET, including specific applications for non-responsive cases.


The Mastery Of NET (MONET) seminar includes new information and tips to help practitioners in their mastery of NET. MONET also includes the presentation of select past Eagles papers by the Walkers with lecture, demonstrations and workshops. ­– NET Basic is the only pre-requisite to attend this seminar.

NET Advanced

You will gain a deeper understanding of how to work with the 15 steps of NET, as well as gain a deeper understanding of science behind NET.  You will also enhance your skills with advanced strategies and practical applications. — NET Basic is the only pre-requisite to attend this seminar. The NET Advanced Seminar has also been recorded into a seminar available in an online webinar format.

"NET with Certainty"

This is one of our most empowering seminars offered by NET! Upon completion, you will have increased confidence in your ability to do "NET with Certainty," along with background information that supports your practice of NET. Trained Certified Coaches will be available to help enhance the learning process. — 2 NET Basics (OK to substitute 1 NEXT), 1 NET Advanced (live or online), and 1 SUCCESS are the pre-requisites for Certification.

Meet the NET Teaching Staff

  • Scott Walker, D.C.
    Scott Walker, D.C.

  • Deborah Walker, D.C.
    Deborah Walker, D.C.

  • Willem Bos, D.C.
    Willem Bos, D.C.

  • Jane Brooks, D.C.
    Jane Brooks, D.C.

  • Victoria Cruz, D.C.
    Victoria Cruz, D.C.

  • Kevin Determan, D.C.
    Kevin Determan, D.C.

  • Graham Dobson, D.C.
    Graham Dobson, D.C.

  • Cathy Goldstein, A.P.
    Cathy Goldstein, A.P.

  • Alison Griffiths, D.C.
    Alison Griffiths, D.C.

  • Natalie Massé, D.C.
    Natalie Massé, D.C.

  • Daniel Monti, M.D.
    Daniel Monti, M.D.

  • Steve Osborne, D.C.
    Steve Osborne, D.C.

  • Robert Wilborn, D.C.
    Robert Wilborn, D.C.

Our Guarantee

If you're like most health care practitioners, you may have come to suspect that your patient’s problems are being impacted by stress. We believe that NET is the most effective tool for both the body-oriented and mind-oriented practitioner. Because we’re so confident that you will love NET, we guarantee to return the full seminar tuition fee at the end of the seminar if you are not 100% satisfied.